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  • Tito Batista (Dominican Rep)


    "The practices and techniques I learned with Marcelo helped me develop the skills needed to quickly identify the best line to take on trails and the techniques to do it safely and fun."

  • Maria Claudia and Mary (Colombia)


    "Marcelo has helped us feel more confident on the bike. Thanks to his knowledge and experience, he has conveyed and taught us the importance of technique in riding."

  • Juan Peláez (Colombia)


    "I never thought that Marcelo Gutierrez was the great teacher we all need at some point. A being full of charisma, eager to teach, very kind and friendly. I always turn to him because he's like the ultimate guidebook."

  • Jimena B. (Perú)


    "The trip we took to Pamuri changed my bike experience; I now ride with more confidence, improved my technique, and enjoy it so much more! And not just that, but an incredible group of friends was formed. It was just a few days, but I'll cherish the memories and fun forever."

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