The Power of Latinos in the Bike Industry

Aventura en bicicleta de montaña

Our Present and Future

In the world of mountain biking, every turn of the pedal is an adventure, and every trail and outdoor journey offers a new opportunity to explore, grow, and dream. As an MTB rider and a passionate lover of two wheels, I'm fortunate to say that I've been able to make a living from my hobby, and basically, my hobby is my job. That's why in 2019 when I decided to retire from professional Downhill competition, I knew that my next step was to build something beyond myself, something where the MOST important thing was to enjoy and not compete.


The Path Traveled

My journey in cycling has been incredible, full of challenges and achievements. I've had the honor of representing iconic brands like Giant, RedBull, Leatt, Fizik, e13, Maxxis, HT, Fox, and CamelBak. Each of these brands has been with me at different stages of my professional and personal life, and today, many of them continue to support me because they share my passion and my vision to empower the Latin community in the world of cycling.

Salto extremo en bicicleta de MTB


Transformative Projects

In recent years, we've been working on projects that go beyond races and events. Our mission is to create a platform that not only inspires cyclists but also educates and empowers them. That's why we've been working on developing online courses that, beyond technique (which is essential), allow us to contribute a grain of sand to one of the biggest challenges of this moment and likely the coming years: mental health issues and personal well-being. We want to convey the message and emphasize that cycling is more than a sport; physical activities are a tool for life that protects us, gives us freedom, allows us to connect with nature, challenges us, and makes us better individuals for this world that needs us so much.

Caminata por la montaña (hiking)

Connection with the Community

One of the things we value most on this journey is our community of followers and passionate cyclists, as you are the reason for this great dream and this new stage of my life. With over 400,000 followers in Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and other Latin American countries, our commitment is to provide you with valuable content and unique experiences that allow you to enjoy your passion more. Spanish-speaking cyclists deserve a space where they can learn, connect, and grow, and we are determined to provide it.


Dreams to Fulfill

Our commitment does not stop here. We dream of doing much more for the Latin cyclist community. We dream of organizing bike tours throughout Latin America, so that more people can experience the beauty of our trails. We dream of creating a solid and conscious community, where well-being and a passion for cycling merge into a comprehensive lifestyle. We are convinced of the potential of Latin America, its people, its different cultures, its gastronomy, landscapes, etc., and we are sure it will be the next mecca of cycling, so here we are to contribute to making it so!

Descenso en bicicleta todo terreno por un sendero natural

Join Our Adventure

If you're reading this, I hope you already feel part of this community. We invite you to join this adventure, initially through our newsletter and social media, and eventually through a space where there will be more interaction and connection. If you have a brand that shares our vision, we look forward to collaborating with you to take cycling and well-being to new heights. If you are a passionate cyclist, regardless of whether you haven't started, have just started, or have been in this for many years, we invite you to keep thinking big and to give us ideas for this great shared dream. You can leave your comments by clicking here.

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The present state of our lives and my personal brand reflects our commitment to passion, mental health, well-being, and cycling. Let's continue to travel this exciting path together because in each pedal stroke, in each adventure, lies the opportunity to dream and grow.

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