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Marcelo Gutierrez with his MTB bike in an incredible Colombian landscape.

While sitting down to write this first blog, I can't help but reflect on the incredible journey I've had as a professional cyclist. From the exhilarating races to the exhausting training sessions, my life has been a whirlwind of experiences. However, as I become more aware of the transition I decided to undertake four years ago towards a new phase of my career and life, I want to share not only the victories and glories but also the challenges I've faced along the way. Moreover, I want to share what motivated me to start this new phase, because its reason for being is Latin America and its cycling community.

My Life on Two Wheels:

My love story with cycling began at an early age, at least as far back as I can remember. My father, who is a mechanic and has a great passion for this sport, introduced me to cycling, as did my mother, who never stood in the way of any of my crazy ideas and always supported me. Over time, what attracted me the most was the feeling of freedom, the possibility to move through incredible places, and the thrill of riding a bike. As a child, I didn't know that this simple passion would shape my entire life, but I did know that the bicycle was a lifesaver amidst the challenges that life was throwing at me.

Marcelo Gutierrez and his father riding bicycles when Marcelo was a child.


The Road Less Traveled

Every athlete's journey is filled with obstacles, or they could be seen as challenges. For me, it was the countless hours of training, the pressure to perform, constant travels, and occasional setbacks that taught me valuable life lessons. Initially, I didn't have enough resources to travel to local, and then national races, so I had to make a great effort to find an uncle or friend who would take me to the competitions. Here's the first lesson: family is the starting point for achieving childhood dreams (and by family, I mean the closest support network you have). And here's the second lesson: what you desire, no matter how unattainable it may seem, can be achieved by being resourceful.

My journey in cycling started like that of any other kid, but over time, through hard work and dedication, a mindset focused on achieving set goals, the support of a few key individuals, and the "luck" of being in the right place at the perfect time, led me to become a professional in one of the most complex sports disciplines, or rather, in the highest level discipline of MTB: Downhill.

I'll tell you about my sports achievements in another blog entry.

The Vision of a Cycling Community in Latin America

After competing professionally for over twelve years, having reached World Cup and World Championship podiums, having won Pan-American, National, and other significant events; and having stood out as a champion on several occasions in the continent's most important urban races, I decided in 2019 to leave my journey as a racer to start a new chapter as an entrepreneur alongside my wife. Here's the third lesson: it's never too late to start a new phase, to try to develop a new project, and to continue dreaming big.

In this new chapter of life, both of us are driven by a vision that has nothing to do with competing or achieving personal milestones. Instead, it's all about building an authentic and united community of mountain bike enthusiasts in Latin America, where cyclists of all levels can come together to learn, grow, and inspire each other. Latin America has a rich cycling heritage, and it's time to make it a protagonist within the global MTB industry.

Join the Journey

Whether you're an experienced cyclist or someone just starting to explore the world of biking, I invite you to join this journey. Follow me on social media, subscribe to my newsletter, and be a part of this growing cycling community in Latin America. Together, we can turn our passion for cycling into a movement that transforms lives.
Passionate MTB cyclists enjoying with friends and biking on natural trails.
My life as a professional cyclist has been an incredible ride, but the best is yet to come. I'm thrilled about this new adventure of building a community passionate about MTB in Latin America. We know it's a journey filled with challenges, but we also know that by listening to people's needs, sharing my experience and knowledge, and building together, we'll succeed.
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