How to choose the best brands for cycling?

Marcelo Gutierrez showcasing his mountain bike after finishing a stage in La Leyenda del Dorado (Cross Country).


In 2019, when I made the decision to stop competing in the World Cup and therefore stop being part of the team I had raced for 8 years, the Giant Factory Off Road Team, there was a mix of many feelings: a desire for a change in my life, wanting to live other experiences, a wish to approach cycling from a different perspective, an eagerness to interact more with people, a deep intention to rebuild a relationship with myself and with many others, and a yearning to work with brands that were part of the journey in one way or another.

Over time, I have convinced some brands of the value of our project. It's been wonderful to show them how much road there is left to travel and build, and that's how to date we've had the chance to work with different brands that, after 4 years, are still with us and allow us today to bring as much content and adventures to you as possible. This is how, based on the brands that support us, a bike to enjoy, learn and teach, and generally a lifestyle around this passion, I can, from my experience, test, use, and buy different brands to assist all those people who want to make as few mistakes as possible, offering others my knowledge and experience.

Marcelo Gutierrez with his Giant bicycle and Leatt gear

Giant Bicycles:

The brand to which I owe my sports career, a brand with which I have been working for 11 years, and it's not only loyalty and trust that still keep us together on this journey. Their variety, technology, quality, and support allow me to see them as an almost irreplaceable ally. Words are superfluous for Giant, and that's why many times when asked, 'what do I see in Giant?' I can answer with complete certainty and confidence that to date it is the only bicycle brand that allows me to practice all the modalities I like: Downhill, Enduro, Cross Country, Gravel, Road, Trail, etc...

Marcelo Gutierrez with his Giant Glory bicycle (inspired by a traditional Colombian mode of transport: La Chiva).


We've been working hand in hand for 4 years. When I stopped competing, there were a couple of brands I dreamt of having when riding my bike and with which I identified because of their way of communicating, their way of working, and above all, I felt that their products and essence fit perfectly into our project. Something I value a lot about Leatt is that they are not only there to support and provide their products; they listen to us, receive feedback from us about the products, and consider us for corrections, problem-solving, and other brand-related topics. That is of great value to me.

Marcelo Gutierrez with his Leatt helmet and jersey.


We've been in this process for 2 years with them. Sometimes one might want to seek a brand for each part of the bike, but in this case, with ethirteen, I wanted to simplify the process and look for a brand that, being reliable, good, and of high quality, offers a good product range that covers most of the modalities I practice.

Marcelo Gutierrez's Giant bicycle for Transcordilleras with accessories from ethirteen, HT, Camelbak, and Fizik.


We've been working officially for 3 years. This is one of those brands I dreamt of working with because of their product variety, their quality, and the organic way in which I use and enjoy them daily in most scenarios. Of all the allies, Camelbak is perhaps the brand that is closest to me in every activity due to the nature of their products. And something we're proud of as a project: I am the first Latin American to enter the brand's direct allies program.

Marcelo Gutierrez doing outdoor activities with his Camelbak backpack.


In the search for quality and at the same time to cover as many modalities as possible, I came across this Italian brand that has fascinated me. Fizik has been with us for 3 years, they trust, believe, and listen to us. It's been incredible to have such a wide range of products to, in turn, translate this experience to our audience and aim to give them the best possible experience when riding their bike.

Fizik shoes of Marcelo Gutierrez for all cycling disciplines.


A brand with which I've worked since I was in the World Cup. I not only love their products that cover ALL the modalities I practice today but they also allowed me to be part of the development of one of their pedals, the X3, which is the DH or Enduro model for some. These pedals are made according to a request and feedback given by me in 2017.

Marcelo Gutierrez on his gravel bike with HT pedals, white "Patria" jersey, Giant bicycle, and other accessories from Leatt, e13, FOX, etc.


This is the first year working hand in hand with this great brand, one of the industry leaders, and I can confidently say that my trust in them is absolute. I love endorsing a product that is ready for battle straight out of the factory. However, it must be adjusted correctly according to the rider and their needs.

Marcelo Gutierrez's bicycle with FOX suspension.


This brand meets several things that are important to me when establishing relationships: support, personal and sporting backup to be able to use the tires for all the disciplines I practice, and a guarantee for the challenges we undertake. I value that the trust I have given their high-quality products is reflected in my performance, comfort, and safety when making the most of the bike!

Marcelo Gutierrez celebrating his victory in La Leyenda del Dorado with Maxxis tires.

To all these brands, we wholeheartedly thank you for the trust you have given us in this process. It is thanks to them that today we can communicate everything we communicate to you, it allows us to share knowledge and at the same time grow and evolve so that more and more of us Latinos are connected by this love for two wheels. And thanks to the trust you have in us and because you consume our content, little by little we will be able to have more brands that want to be part of this Latin movement that seeks to build the largest Spanish-speaking community in the world.

Marcelo Gutierrez carrying his MTB on the mountain.
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Hola Marcelo

Te deseo lo mejor para este año 2024, te cuento que me gusta mucho el contenido en youtube que compartes, personalmente me han orientado mucho en este inicio al ciclismo de montaña, tanto así, que me compre un casco de la marca leatt y estoy muy contento por la calidad y precio; ojalá sigas compartiendo más contenidos por un rato largo. Nota: ¿cuándo vuelves a tener el medidor de aire digital?

Ricardo Mendoza

Tremendas marcas Marcelo. No pueden estar mejor representadas, vos sos un ejemplo para los que nos gusta la bici.

Felipe Rios

genial!!! y como tú dices lo más importante la lealtad

Yhordan López

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