Chile: The Mecca of Mountain Biking in Latin America?

Ciclistas de Montaña en Chile


In recent years, Chile has experienced an exponential growth in the number of cyclists, especially in the mountain biking (MTB) segment. This growth is due to a number of factors, including:

  • Its diverse geography and the fact that the imposing Andes Mountains are always close to any city or town in the country.
  • The growing cycling industry in Latin America, which has driven the development of new products and services for cyclists.
  • The strong culture around cycling in Chile, which has promoted the practice of cycling as a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Private initiatives and MTB communities that have made great efforts to build and maintain a variety of trails and bike parks, as well as MTB schools that encourage people of all ages to learn how to mountain bike.


Ciclistas montando en bicicleta en playas de Chile

As a result of this growth, Chile is becoming a global leader in MTB. The country hosts some of the most important MTB races in the world and is increasingly attracting the attention of those looking for bike travel and experiences.

This growth of MTB in Chile is having a positive impact on the development of cycling in Latin America. The country is serving as a model for other countries in the region, which are seeing the potential of MTB as a recreational and sporting activity that can contribute to economic and social development.


The Industry Brands That Are Entering the Country

The growth in the number of cycling enthusiasts in Chile has led to an increase in the demand for bicycles and accessories, attracting major industry brands to enter the Chilean market.

The country's open economy and pro-business culture has made it possible for most bicycle brands to be present in Chile, from large brands like Trek, Specialized, and Giant that can be found in any country, to brands like Pivot, Propain, Norco, Commencal, Whyte, Yeti, YT Industries, Santa Cruz, Cube, Forbidden, Mondraker, and many others. This presence allows for a wide range of bicycles, accessories, and equipment to be available for all levels of skill and budget, betting on a market with a lot of potential for growth.

Marcelo Gutierrez haciendo el caballito para pasar un obstaculo

The Cycling Schools That Are Emerging There

In addition to the increase in demand for bicycles and accessories, MTB in Chile is also experiencing growth in the offer of cycling schools, with courses for all ages and levels. These schools are helping to promote MTB in this country with structure and impact in the long term, as they attract more and more new people who want to enjoy this passion and reduce the barriers to entry or the causes of dropout from the sport due to lack of technique, accidents, etc. This in turn generates greater presence of the brands and motivates them to get involved in more types of activities beyond sales.

Aficionados del MTB aprendiendo técnica sobre la bicicleta

Bikeparks and the Bike Culture

Chile also has a growing network of bikeparks, which are areas specifically designed for the practice of MTB. I take this opportunity to invite those who are close to these spaces to go, practice, and contribute to the strengthening of the bike culture. The advantage of these bikeparks is that they offer a variety of trails for all skill levels, so there's no excuse!

Some of the most popular bikeparks in Chile include:

  • Bikepark El Durazno
  • Bikepark La Parva
  • Bikepark El Colorado and Farellones
  • Bikepark Nevados de Chillán
  • Parque Aguas Claras
  • Parque Las Palmas

If you know of others, please feel free to leave us the information in the comments. See you on the trails!

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Marcelo Gutierrez en su bicicleta en una montaña de Chile

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Hola, es interesante ver cómo están formando comunidad allá, espero que podamos ver esto algún día en Colombia.
También hay ofertas para freeride como roca park o pyt’s park.
Aunque México también tiene una comunidad grande.
aquí en Colombia hay comunidad, pero no está muy interconectada y aún le falta crecer, porque en su gran mayoría es cross country o ruta. Literalmente por donde yo vivo (Rionegro, Antioquia ), hay un trail de enduro (Camino de herradura) que si mucho paleamos un amigo y yo. Aún falta que se puedan generar más trails o pista y como comunidad mantenerlas y divertirnos en ellas


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